Braumers is a high-power battery manufacturer selling long-lasting, high capacity, and low discharge batteries to worldwide customers .

Our high capacity replacement batteries are an excellent alternative to original manufacturer brands such as Bosch, Makita, and Dyson's high-quality batteries. All of Braumers' long-lasting batteries, whether lithium-ion, lithium, or nikel-metal hydride batteries, are made of the highest quality materials and designed according to the original manufacturing specifications to ensure proper fitting in the original product. 

Braumers provides a wide range of batteries for technological products and devices, including RC toys and hobby batteries, power tool batteries, emergency light batteries, and household electrical appliance batteries.

Braumers has recently added crypto mining hardware to its product line for individuals and  businesses interested in profitable cryptocoin mining, whether using crypto mining rigs or crypto mining farms.   

As a high-tech battery manufacturer, we are proud to power some of the most innovative products and technology in the marketplace today.